"When I think about Robbie, I think of a highly creative, super sharp, out of the box thinker who always, always, always has his game ready."

– Development Director, University of South Carolina

"Your experience translated into ideas that were comprehensive, strategically sound, and lead to tangible results for our firm. I highly recommend Robert and his team as a catalyst to strengthening and building your business."

– President/CEO, National Residential Real Estate Developer, New York, NY

"Although you are kind to recognize us.... you have been a valuable ally in our efforts all along the way! Thank you so much for what you do...and for being such an invested (and fun) member of our team."

– Executive Director, National Non-Profit Health Consortium

"Robbie listens to every idea and every direction that I have for the future of my business and makes it happen. I owe much of my success to his efforts and expertise in marketing my interior design firm. Robbie's great personality and high energy make him a great advertising and PR Executive."

– Owner, International Interior Design Firm


“Robert has a fun approach to business and keeps his eye on the prize for clients. You cannot help but wonder why others do not see that the clients' success is the agency’s success. Robert just plain gets “it”.”

– VP - Marketing, National Wholesale Beverage Distributor


"Everything came together for our company when you came on board. You listened carefully, and with respect for our clients, communicated our services as well as our love for children. I feel I have the very best on my team! Thank you for your unique talents!"

– President/CEO, National Tutoring & Testing Service, New York, NY

"Robert is an inspirational and insightful consultant with a great depth of knowledge. He talks common sense. Listen to him and even if you apply just 20% of his recommendations your business will improve."

– President/CEO, National Sales & Marketing Organization, Orlando, FLY

"I am continually impressed by Marketing Performance's creativity, connections and outreach. You understand our vision and help us successfully market to reach our target groups. And just as important to us, you and your team are fun to work with!"

– Owner/Director, International Training Institution, Washington, DC